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Our terms and conditions outline the guidelines for using our website, which is located at www.airlinespolicyhub.com We assume that you accept our terms and conditions by accessing this website. Do not continue to use the "Airlinespolicyhub" when you do not agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned on this page. 

The following expressions apply to all these terms and conditions, and Privacy Statement and all the agreements. Clients, You, and Your refers to you, a person who logs into our website and complains about the terms and conditions of the Company. 

The Company, We, Ourselves, Our, and Us refers to ourselves and the Client. All these terms refer to the offer, acceptance, and contemplation of payment needed to use the procedure of our guidance to the client in the most suitable manner with the certain goal of meeting the needs and requirements of our client with regard to the provision of the stated services of the organization in accordance with and subject to the applicable Dutch law. The terms listed above, as well as any extra terms utlized in the singular, capitalization, plural, and/or she/he/they, are appreciated to be exchangeable and to mention the same.


We use cookies in our operations. You accepted the usage of the cookies according to our Privacy Policy by using the Airlinespolicyhub website.

Cookies are used by most of the interactive sites to make us able to get the information of the user each time they visit. Our website utilizes cookies to create some sections functional and to make it simple for users to navigate. Cookies can also be utilized by our affiliates and the advertising partners.


All content on Airlinespolicyhub, unless otherwise indicated, is the intellectual property of Airlinespolicyhub and/or its licensors. Every right to cerebral property is reserved. you may access material from Airlinespolicyhub for your personal usage, subject to some restrictions outlined in the terms and conditions.

You must not: 

  • Repost the information from Airlinespolicyhub
  • Rent, sell, or sub-license material from Airlinespolicyhub
  • Recreate, copy, and duplicate material from Airlinespolicyhub. 
  • Redistribute the content from Airlinespolicyhub. 

This agreement shall start from Airlinespolicyhub. 

Certain sections of this website provide users with the ability to submit and exchange information and thoughts. Comments are posted on the internet without being reviewed, edited, filtered, published, or reviewed by Airlinespolicyhub. The ideas and views expressed here do not represent those of policies by the airlines, its agents, or its affiliates. 

The views and opinions expressed in the comments are those of the person who posted them. Airlinespolicyhub disclaims all duty for the Comments, including any liability, damages, or expenses resulting from the use, publication, or appearance of the Comments on this website, to the extent permitted by relevant laws. Airlinespolicyhub has the right to read all Comments and delete any that breach these terms & conditions or are deemed offensive or inappropriate.

You represent and warrant that: 

  • You possess all the required approval and clearance to post the comments on our website.
  • No intellectual property permission that includes without thetrademarks of third parties, or limitation of copyright, which is violated by the comments.
  • There is nothing under the comments that violates privacy of any person or is obscene, defamatory, offensive, libelous, or otherwise unlawful.
  • The Comments will not be utilized to solicit, advertise, or support any illegal custom, conduct, or commercial activity.

By this agreement, you provide Airlinespolicyhub a non-exclusive right to use, copy, and permit others to use, copy, and alter any of your comments across all platforms, forms, and mediums.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The following organizations may link up with our official website without any prior acceptance in the written form: 

  • Government Agencies 
  • News organizations
  • Search Engines
  • The online directory merchant may link to the site in the same manner as they contact the web pages of other businesses. 
  • System wide attribute companies except the soliciting non-profit companies, charity shopping malls, charity collecting groups, and which can not hyperlink to this website. 

These companies are permitted to link to the homepage of our website, publications, or other pages on the website as long as the link content the following needs: (a) it must not be specious in any manner; (b) it must not wrongly suggest endorsement, sponsorship, or agreement of the linked party and its services or products and (c) suits within the content of the linking site of the party. 

We may approve and consider other requests for links from multiple types of organizations: 

  • Commonly known consumer or business details resources. 
  • Dot.com sites of the community. 
  • The associations or other charities are represented by groups. 
  • Online distributors of directory
  • Online portals
  • Law, accounting, and consulting companies. 
  • Trade associations and educational institutions.

At Airlinespolicyhub, we will approve the link requests only from these orgamizations when we choose that the organizations does not have negative records with us, the link would not show us look unfavourbaly to ourselves or to our accredited companies, the benefit to us only from the visibility compensate of the absence of the Airlinespolicyhub, link is in the content of general information resource. 

All these companies may link to homepage sites for so long because the link (a) does not falsely show sponsorship approval of the linking party and its services or products, (b) is not in my way deceptive, and (c) is suitable within the content of the link of the party's website.

If a person is one of the organizations mentioned in the second paragraph above and wants to link to the site, you need to notify us through an email sent to the Airlinespolicyhub. It is suggested to include your name, complete contact details, the name of the organization, the URL link of the website, a URL list on our website to which you would want to link, and a URL list from which you mean to connect to our site. Wait for a few weeks to obtain a response.

The approved businesses may hyperlink to this websites, which are as mentioned below:

  • By using our corporate name. 
  • We can do this by using our uniform resource pointer, which is being linked to. 
  • By using any other explanation of our site being connected to that makes sense under the context and format of content on the site of the linking party. 

The use of a logo or any artwork will not be allowed to link absent a trademark license acceptance. 


You cannot make frames around our website that change the visual representation in any way without any prior written permission or approval. 

Content Liability 

We will not be responsible for any context that shows on your web pages. You agree to defend and protect us against the claims that are rising all on the sites. There is no link that should appear on the site that may be interpreted as obscene, libelous, criminal, or otherwise violates, infringes, violates, or advocates the infringement of any rights of the third party.

Reservation of the Rights 

We at Airlinespolicyhub has the right to appeal that you eliminate all the links or any other link to this site upon request. We can also change the rules of our terms & conditions and the linking policy at any time. You accept to be bound to and follow the linking terms and conditions by continuously using our website. 

Elimination of links from our site 

You can get in touch with us and inform us when you find any kind of link on our site that is annoying for any reason. We will go through your request and take action to remove the links, but we are not committed to reply to you directly.

However, we do not make sure that the content on our site is correct. We do not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. But, we promise that the website remains available or the material on this site is kept updated. 


Airlinespolicyhub excludes all the representatives, conditions, and warranties related to our site and also the use of the website to the maximum extent allowed by the law. There is nothing in this disclaimer that will:

The limit or exclude our or your responsibility for personal injury or death.

They limit our or your liability for fraudulent or false misleading misrepresentation. 

Limit any of your or our liabilities in any way which is not allowed under the applicable law. 

Exclude or your or our liabilities that may not be excluded in the applicable law. 

The prohibitions and the limitations of liability set in this section and elsewhere in this disclaimer: 

  • Subject to a previous paragraph
  • Govern all the liabilities emerge under the disclaimer 
  • It may include the liabilities that arise in the agreement in tort and for the breach of the statutory duties.

As long as the site and the content and services on this website are provided for free. Airlinespolicyhub will not be responsible for any damage or loss of any nature.